Letter to my patients

I hope you are keeping well during this difficult time. The COVID19 epidemic has radically altered our lives and poses particular challenges for those with chronic lung conditions. Hospital and health care facilities have changed how they operate in order to help those infected by this virus and reduce the risk of infection among health care workers and uninfected patients. Patients attending hospitals and clinics will notice pre-attendance screening, reduced waiting room sizes, gaps between consultations, contactless payments, use of scrubs and widespread availability of masks and hand hygiene stations.

The health of people with other medical conditions is generating increasing concern. It is particularly important at this time to ensure that chronic medical conditions remain stable, prescriptions continue to be supplied, regular medications continue to be taken appropriately and acute deteriorations of chronic conditions are treated promptly in or out of hospital. Physical activity, exercise and mental health all need to be maintained within the confines of lockdown, cocooning and social distancing.

On a personal note I am pleased to be part of the national response treating both public and private patients with acute need. Media reports have been confusing so I am happy to confirm that I have not closed down my private practice. Some of you have attended me for over a decade and I do not believe it is feasible or safe to simply lock the doors until this has passed. My clinics continue to run each week albeit with a very different appearance as outlined above. Private hospitals have restricted access to procedures and tests which will have to be rescheduled or worked around.

If you have an upcoming appointment we have a number of options:

  • continue with the planned appointment,
  • conduct the appointment by telephone call,
  • conduct the appointment by secure video consultation,
  • or cancel and reschedule for later in the year.

    Any planned lung function test will not take place. While my office will be contacting everyone due to attend in the coming months it would be of enormous help if you could let us know how you wish to proceed, by email on office@linnane.net or by voicemail on 01-9695566. If for whatever reason you do not need to attend I would implore you to let us know as vacant slots will be filled by those waiting to be seen.

    Stay safe, stay well.